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Current Issue

Welcome To Focus TV and Our Preview of The Influence  Issue

March 2018 Issue

What is an INFLUENCER and why are we so excited to share some of the best with you?

We have gathered some of the most INFLUENTIAL people in and around LA to bring you their stories, their recommendations, their advice and their favorite nds. ese chosen few have that ‘it’ factor to speak to our social world, and are examplary mentors for many to follow. And follow they do…on social media, to the establishments they own, frequent and recommend, and on their advice for living our best lives. ese are people who set the tone, stand out among the trends, and garner audiences that look and listen.

We are featuring Lilian Garcia, the former WWE host. Her popular podcast, Chasing Glory, inspires us with stories of well known athletes and entertainers and how they rose to the top, as well as her life as a singer, songwriter and producer. LA Foodies take note, we have a yummy chat with Chef Byron omas of Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills hotel, and Restauranteur to the stars, Craig Susser, joins us from his wildly popular Craig’s. We bring you the Fit Strong and Sexy health in uencer extraordinaire, Amanda Russell. Dynamic duo, Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers, know what’s hot and what you need right now Los Angeles! ese and many more incredible, inspiring, INFLUENTIAL men and women bring us the best of living in gorgeous LA LA Land.

So get out your pen and paper for the copious notes you’ll be taking as you heed their advice and recommendations – and follow them on their popular and in uential social media accounts.

Happy Reading, and join us on the Focus TV Network for New Stories from Focus posted Every Day #CommunityPowered #LoveFocus

Also in this issue, Focus Food editor Tambi Saffran visits the amazing new waldorf astoria and its executive chef Steven Benjamin. We have travel in this issue as well with Focus Travel editor Wendy Brokaw Kretchmer providing an amazing guide for travel to Milan. This issue is packed with additional features, photos and highlights from the new Focus TV Network which is Americas First Streaming Video Talk Show Network.

Pick up your copy today, you are going to love it!!!!!

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